Unraveling the threads of India

India's best-kept luxury secret lies in its textiles – hand spun, embroidered, woven, crafted for royalty, noblemen and the common man. There are thousands of years of civilization and culture woven into the threads of India. You will see an opulent treasure house in the clothes Indians wear even today. Every region and state produces what can only be called art in the form of fabric, wall hangings, carpets, shawls and stoles, home linen, clothes of which the saree holds pride of place. Some pieces can take over 700 hours to make. Even as you begin to notice the beautiful textiles in the luxury hotels and resorts you stay at, an immersive textile tour can be a true journey of discovery for the connoisseur. Meet award winning weavers, renowned designers, and curators. Redefine experiential travel, and go home with treasure.

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Tan Tapestries

If you thought Tan Tapestries are only found in Morocco, we have a surprise. In the rural countryside of Rajasthan, a unique experience awaits you, as you meet master craftsman, Mr. Kishan Lal Ji, an artisan known for his intricate weaving skills with camel hair! Make an immersive journey into his process of weaving and his artistic inspiration.

As Good as Gold

There is the whole wonder of Varanasi. And then there are the weavers of Benaras (the erstwhile name of the city). Benarasi fabric and brocades are coveted across the world. The stories of the weavers and weaving families are magical. Talk with them and learn about their craft. You will get to visit one of the oldest weaving studios of India and meet descendants of the first family to practice the art of zari - a type of threadwork using real, 24 karat gold! Feast your eyes on textiles displayed at the textile museums that also showcase royal robes encrusted with jewels and worth fortunes.

The Treasure of Rogan Art

In Western India, resides a family that practices Rogan art, a 300 year old art tradition. Almost extinct today, Rogan art is practiced only by this one family in India, who has kept the art alive since the '80s, even as others abandoned it. They have received awards and presented their art to Presidents and illustrious people around the world. Preserved by the men in the family for generations, it is now being taught to women as well and is used on women's wear, bridal trousseaus, home linen and more contemporary products lately. We will explore this beautiful skill and hope that they let us in on some family secrets!