The cuisine map of India will amaze and delight you. It's more than just 'curry' – it's a gastronomic adventure. There are almost as many types of cuisines as there are states within India. A common theme that binds them is the layering of different spices that create a rich flavour profile. Beyond the indigenous range of dishes, history and cross-pollination brought multiple influences across the country's borders, creating a deeper, more luxurious array. There's the food of the Maharajahs and the local 'thaalis', that lie easily with Central Asian inspirations, Asian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, British and others. Get ready for amazing meals served by some of the best chefs in the country, in style and with joy. What better way to discover a country than to savour its flavours, for a people are what their food is.

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The fantasy is alive. India celebrates its royal past and royal families keep alive the culture and tradition in many ways. You will share a meal with members of royal families; dine in stunning royal banquet halls and in magnificent private dining rooms and in other equally exciting locales. The table will be laden with exotic and delectable food and wine, the service will be elegant and regal, and the conversation will resound with fascinating stories of a rich history.

India's No. 1 Restaurant

Many restaurants in India today vie for this title. The classic Indian restaurants – both fine dining and hearty fare – have built a solid following. And then there are the new explorers, chefs experimenting with the uber-modern, with fusion, to create new kinds of delights in hot and happening restaurants. Indian Accent in New Delhi has clearly been voted for a few years as the No. 1 restaurant, showcasing creative inventiveness that combines the flavours and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques. Chef Manish Mehrotra has designed a unique contemporary Indian menu that is adventurous and yet, nostalgic. Don't miss this one.

The Former Chef of Jaipur Royalty

This is where you get all the culinary secrets of Rajasthani cuisine that go way back in history, and the stories of royal kitchen dramas. Meet and dine with the former chef of Jaipur royalty. Recipes (royal or otherwise) are prized, often secret and shared with a few, handed down as an inheritance. The one who prepares the food has held respectful titles of 'Maharaj', 'Khansama', 'Purohit', and has been honoured generously. Happy with a dish, royal patrons would gift anything from old coins to necklaces made of precious stones, and sometimes a special title. Hours were spent in perfect preparation; cooks would hone their skills of presentation. They still do. Chef is a descendant of this tradition and will share more with you than just a divine meal.