If you've grown up with 'The Jungle Book' and tales of Mowgli, you will be familiar with the exciting wildlife of India. Within the stunning wilderness of the forests, the national parks and bird sanctuaries, there is a great beauty calling out to the adventurous. Respond to that call, and know that you will move into the jungles like the Maharajas of yore – with a team of experts who know the best sighting spots and wonderful lodges and resorts where you unwind, dine and gather your energies after a day of exploring, ready for another. Or you can be glamping in the wild, even as you take that memorable safari. The tiger will beckon you, but so will hundreds of other animals and birds, as will the breath-taking beauty of the jungles of India.

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Breakfasts with a view

The jungle resorts of India are a unique experience. One such is at a private abode in the middle of the desert, a princely dream fort built around a sacred dune dedicated to the warrior god of Marwar. Start your day with breakfasts with a spectacular view of the exotic desert landscape from any of the 9 magnificent suites that are pure luxury with private jacuzzis and plunge pools. Village safaris include meeting the legendary shepherds; watch antelopes and other animals walk past as you enjoy picnics by the lake; ride some the finest horses; drink in that magnificent desert night sky even as you relish the barbecue of a royal hunt dinner.

A Safari to Remember

From being the ultimate trophy for kings and princes that showcased their royalty, machismo, power and wealth, the tiger continues to be the pride of India – now, cared for, preserved, and admired. India has over 39 tiger reserves and many National Parks that will allow you see the big cat in its natural habitat. The Ranthambhore National Park, once the hunting ground of the Maharajah of Jaipur, and a wildlife sanctuary since 1955, is one of the best places to see tigers in the wild. Exclusive safaris into the park in an open-top vehicle take you deep into the jungle with expert trackers and guides. Enjoy the beauty of the tiger trails and hope to see the big cats up close along with many other magnificent animals.

Glamping in the Wild

You will stay in luxury, of course, as you 'glamp' in tented camps, complete with ensuite restrooms. A convoy of jeeps and trucks will have carried the tents and groceries, along with a retinue of chefs, waiters, camp boys and other staff who will serve you as if you were indeed, royalty. There may be a warm bonfire and a folk dance from the tribes who live around the jungles, or some jazz to make you mellow. Sip champagne at sundown and wine and dine as royalty should, when it strides out to survey the land and all it holds. For the very nature that humbles you, also empowers you.