Vilasa Luxury Travel is a bespoke travel brand from Minar Group, one of India's leading destination management companies that has served travellers to India for over a quarter of a century. Winner of several tourism awards, the company's core values have steadfastly remained focused on the highest standards of quality and exceptional service.
The extensive Vilasa team has deep knowledge and experience of India and its neighbouring countries, and an enviable partnership with the finest hotels and service providers across the sub-continent. Vilasa offers tour operators the gift of thoughtfully designed and curated experiences for their travel clients; tours and itineraries that can be customized and personalized to every last detail. Its luxury service all the way.
Private and exclusive, drawing from our regal heritage and created for a modern royalty, Vilasa journeys stretch beyond the conventional and explore little-known treasures. All served up in inimitable style to a select clientele, who are ready for a romance with India.
Call or leave us a message and let us create for you some of the finest travel experiences.