adventure trails

Some say India itself is an adventure. That's true. But the stunningly beautiful and varied landscapes of the country present the perfect opportunities for some true blue adventure. Beyond wildlife parks and the jungles, there is more. River rafting, camel and horse safaris, camping in the desert, scuba diving, water sports, trekking, mountaineering, hot ballooning, cycling tours and backwater boat trips. The Himalayas, the Thar Desert, the deep forests and legendary rivers, the long and exciting coastline – India presents you with endless possibilities. The key to making the most of the adventure trails is to be well informed, have the best guides and experts, superior equipment, and your creature comforts looked after so that you can return always to luxurious living and rest your body and mind that is surging with the thrill of pushing yourself to sport with nature.

what to expect

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THE LUXURY OF adventure

Luxury camping

Live in regal style even out in the wilderness. Experience the luxurious desert camps, modeled on the old caravan sites when you roam the dunes and the desert at the Serai close to the medieval city of Jaisalmer. Spend evenings under the desert sky, serenaded by ancient melodies of the Manganiyar tribesmen. Or stay at Mihirgarh – 'the Fort of the Sun', rising out of the dunes. A different modern kind of luxury camp awaits you at fishing sites, or when you go whitewater and river rafting, or attend a music festival in the desert.

cycle through india

As a cyclist, the rewards of exploring this land are wonderful as you experience the heart of the country at the closest quarters. You get to feel the remarkable changes in the terrain, landscape, flora and fauna. Notice the quaint eccentricities and details of a culture that is diverse and ancient, contemporary and dynamic. Stop at and cycle through villages and towns, see the relics of an ancient civilization, the living customs of a people and the signs of a fast-paced present. Vilasa ensures that your comfort is primary.

horse safaris

The royals of Rajasthan, among other princely states, prized their horses and horsemanship was a proud and almost mandatory skill for royalty, noblemen and warriors. Horse polo was the sport of kings and continues to be popular. You can take the royal route and ride out on horse safaris arranged especially for you from Udaipur, Jaipur, Rohet, off into the wilderness till you are ready to have the butler and staff prepare and serve you champagne and exotic meals wherever you wish to stop. Spend the night at luxury camps or return to the charming palace and fort hotels in the city.