The Vilasa luxury travel experience is enhanced while travelling to neighbouring countries which also offer great traditions, cultures and friendly people.


Ready to go beyond India? Want more than this treasure house of exotic luxury? We've got some gems lined up for you.

India is surrounded by equally alluring countries – lands of colourful legends and myths, of stories of courage and spiritual paradises; where nature displays its sheer beauty in the mountains and the sea, and the people are warm and friendly. There's an opulence of experiences waiting for you once you decide what you want to do.

There's Bhutan, the land of the Thunder Dragon – far more peaceful and harmonious than that sounds; Sri Lanka, the emerald isle that, beyond its rich culture and delightful beaches, hides lesser known surprises like tea-tasting trips in almost colonial settings of the rolling hillsides; Maldives, a sun-sea-surf paradise where beach hopping takes on a whole new meaning; and Nepal – the trekker's delight.

Explore what's in store, talk to us and we will customise your holdiay for you. Each destination packs a punch and Vilasa enhances your travel experience further.