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Extravagant luxury runs through Indian history, and it is best symbolized by the use of gold and silver, crystals and precious stones, velvets and silks and brocades. Even today, every little boy who sits behind the bridegroom on a luxuriously decorated horse is dressed like a prince. In the chaos of modern India, the legacy of luxury lives on. During the Vilasa India experience, home will always be a royal residence – an iconic palace, a lavish tent, a princely lodge, a regal plantation or an uber-modern take on luxury. Uncover grand traditions dating back to the Golden Era of the Maharajas when you travel with Vilasa. You may get addicted to opulence, to marbled corridors and gilded arches, to strolling in Mughal gardens, to four-poster beds with brocade canopies, to fine art and finer dining. As a guest of Vilasa, you will always be treated like royalty, perhaps even dine with the royal families.

The gilded life is our inheritance. And it is this heritage we invite you to experience.

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The Royal Shikar (Hunt)

One of the legacies of the Raj, amongst many others, is the experience of the Shikar – the hunt. The Royal Hunt was far from ordinary. There were many nights spent in the wilderness, embracing the seclusion and solitude, waiting in the dim moonlight under the stars for your majestic prey. But it wasn't an austere waiting. The regal retinue travelled with the royal party responding to every need and want; the tented accommodation was rich and luxurious, and the royal chefs travelled along to ensure a feast. That dining experience is recreated in the Thar Desert in royal Rajasthan, where the sounds of the desert entertain you and the crackling of the bonfire keep you warm in the winter nights. Enjoy the soft tunes of Rajasthani folk musicians and feast on a traditional Indian barbecue dinner.


There are hundreds of books and movies and artworks about the palaces of India. Nothing is better than the experience of living in them, and being served as if you were to the palace born. These monumental buildings have glorious, ancient histories of kingdoms won and lost. Experience the unimaginable grandeur and an intimate and wondrous hospitality with inimitable service. Stay at a palace built in 1743 on an island in the middle of a lake, where besides the spectacular architecture and interiors, every room has breathtaking views of historical palaces and ancient temples. Dine at elegant restaurants with exquisite cuisines, a privilege offered only to resident guests. Romantic and exotic as the experience is, it gets even better with relaxing spas …on a boat! Former guests have included Lord Curzon, Vivien Leigh, Queen Elizabeth, the Shah of Iran, the King of Nepal and US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy!

In the middle of a Cinnamon Plantation

A different kind of luxury is yours to experience living in a cottage resort in the middle of a lush green cinnamon plantation. Surrounded by serene hills, with the scent of cinnamon in the cool fresh breeze, served by bearers descended from a culture of royal and colonial hospitality, this can be a really charming India experience. Walk, trek, visit the spice plantations and the herb gardens, be with yourself or enjoy a quiet romance – time simply slows down and allows you to enjoy the privilege of nature and the simple, yet fine fare.