Indians are complete romantics. Our movies and songs, our poetry and art, our myths and stories, even our gods and their tales are all about love. The royals of India of course took it many notches up. The iconic Taj Mahal is an eternal symbol of the extravagance of royal love. The palaces and royal gardens, the festivals at court, the rituals and traditions, all enhanced the intimacy of romance in a grand manner. The lover had to be wooed, seduced, stolen away sometimes, fought over, won back and pampered – all in style. Here's your chance to experience some of that romantic grandeur in the private terraces and opulent suites of palaces and forts. A Table for Two can be set up at special locations in select settings, not just in palaces and forts – perhaps in the middle of a lake or a desert, or at the base of a snow-capped mountain. Travelling India together is a romance in itself, ideal for rekindling love, royally, of course!

what to expect

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Sundowners with Champagne

What can be more romantic than watching a sunset over the sand dunes of Rajasthan with your partner? The setting will be surprisingly regal and luxurious. The candles will be lit. Toast each other with the bubbly; dance in the dunes; be serenaded by love songs. The musicians await your word. The food will be delectable and the wine will be to your choice. The service will be invisible, designed to please. This is a land with an ancient and royal romantic legacy.

The Plantation

If you're thinking of a staycation, we know just the place. A 300-acre working plantation resort perched at a height of 800 m that gives you the most luxurious introduction yet into the deepest secrets of a mystic mountain. Explore the plantation where the owners and managers were masters of their own private kingdom, as it were, with their charming homes, private pools, horses and plantation jeeps. They lived and dined in style, served royally by their superb staff. And you shall too.

Renew your Vows in Ranthambore Fort Temple

Sure, you've heard of rekindling the romance. But this could probably be one of the most spectacular and romantic ways to do so. The Ranthambhore fort is over 10 centuries old, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its evocative ruins and a Hindu temple at the top. Climb up with your significant other. Marry, remarry, or renew your vows at the temple right at the top. We'll make it a beautiful experience, and it's a tried and tested recipe to rekindle the romance!