The luxury of the slow life is a particularly charming experience in 'God's own country' and is a dramatic change from the hustle and bustle of life in north India. These journeys are about slowing down and soaking it in. The backwaters of Kerala are a labyrinthine network of lagoons, lakes and canals that lie parallel to the Malabar Coast in south-western India and have a unique and self-supporting ecosystem of bountiful aquatic, plant and bird life. Take a backwater cruise along villages fringed by palm trees and experience the charming culture influenced by a host of seafarers – Arabs, Dutch, Chinese, British and Portuguese. Start off with the city of Kochi, stay at one of the iconic lagoon resorts, visit the Vembanad Bird Sanctuary at the lake, or take a trip up to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, perhaps to the spice and coffee plantations in the hills. And definitely enjoy yoga and the traditional massages with herbal oils and ancient recipes that Kerala is famous for.

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Easy Backwater Cruise

The kettuvallams, traditional rice barges now converted into comfortably fitted boats, are the perfect way to cruise through the backwaters of Kerala. It's a time to reflect, to read, to romance or to just be. A vibrant life and culture thrives around these lagoons as boats drift along lazily on the still edges of the waterways under a vast expanse of sky. Cruise leisurely through quaint backwater towns and villages. Anchor at will, perhaps for the night under the stars. Catch some fish for your dinner and rustle up an exotic local dish, even as you enjoy the sunset from the boat. Drift back to resort living or for an afternoon spa session, or perhaps stop for a traditional Kathakali dance performance.

Yoga by the beach

Kerala is renowned for its Yoga and Ayurveda centres that follow traditional wisdom and techniques. Literally the 'union with the divine,' Yoga is the art and science of attuning mind, body and soul to experience the potential of your spiritual self. Get ready for a transformative experience that combines the best of Ayurveda and Yoga at a beautiful beach resort in Kerala. Drop your stress and leave healthier and more fulfilled.

Coconuts & Fish

Food in Kerala revolves around coconuts and fish (and spices). This is the land of coconut trees and most of the local cuisine, especially the curries, uses coconut liberally in all the recipes. Kerala offer a delectable and diverse range of seafood dishes served with rice or malabari parathas. And then there are the vegetables, the fruit, the chicken, and the duck…all usually accompanied by rice, maybe red rice and local breads like appams and string hoppers. There is also, the popular toddy, or fermented palm wine, which comes from the coconut palm. Go slow – it has a kick!