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Nepal is a legend that's on many bucket lists. The Mount Everest. The mighty Himalayas. The land of the Yak and the Yeti, of Lamas and Buddhist monasteries, of elephant rides and tiger spotting, of a hundred treks and trails, a land of ancient history and an alive environment. Those are all the things you can do and see, and more. The Himalayan Odyssey includes mountaineering and trekking and hiking through these magnificent mountains, but Adventure in Nepal is more than that. Besides the magnificent natural beauty, there are the palaces and shrines and temple art – everything that would excite a culture enthusiast. And we'll make sure you enjoy the royal hospitality and the culinary delights including the iconic momos (dumplings).

Himalayan Odyssey

The sunrise view of Mt. Everest on a specially chartered plane and the breakfast at the base camp is just one of the highlights of an exclusive trip to a country that is breathtaking. That's one way to check out the legendary peak, and the Himalayan range with eight of the highest mountains in the world. The other is as a serious mountaineer with some of the most professional groups and the legendary Sherpas. This is also Trekker's Paradise with trails and circuits that range from fairly easy to grueling. Mansalu, Dolpo, Sagarmatha, Tengboche, Gokyo Valley – the names are as magical as the experience. It helps that we can include luxurious comfort and your own unique interests with the rugged journey.

Adrenaline Adventure

Not a mountaineer? Don't like trekking and yet looking for the adrenaline rush in a country that is pure adventure and breathtaking natural beauty? The peak and valleys, forests and rivers offer a host of exciting options. There's paragliding and skydiving for a 360° experience. There's zip flying on the world's tallest and longest zip line. The Pokhara Valley is a great leisure and adventure destination. You could also go bungee jumping, kayaking, canoeing, river rafting or mountain biking. And then there's wildlife and the jungles. Walk, drive or ride elephants through the Chitwan National Park or the Bardiya National Park. Hope to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger or a one-horned rhinoceros or any of the 450 species of animals here. Gentler adventure includes bird watching and butterfly spotting in this dramatic alpine landscape. Everything here, sets your heart aflutter.

Bucketsful of Culture

This is an ancient land steeped in an almost mystical culture. The capital, Kathmandu, itself is a legendary city. Here and beyond, you can discover the history in the palaces and the in the quaint Himalayan villages, in the temple shrines and the Buddhist monasteries. Meditation with the Buddhist monks, being blessed by a Lama, a tour of Pashupatinath - these are rare experiences, as much about exploring Nepal as they are about discovering yourself. This mountain country can be magically spiritual, which doesn't mean that you ignore the shopping and the delectable cuisine or the exquisite art and craft. If your trip coincides with a festival, good for you! The Nepalese celebrate life with folk dance, song and joy and warmth. Come be a part of the celebration.



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