"Nothing quite compares to travelling by train in India…"
Before it became the common man's transportation (with its own challenges!), the railways were the entitlement of royalty. They were grand and spelt power. The princes went on their state tours, their hunting trips and their honeymoons in their personal railways where the salons were as lavish as their palaces.

The good news is that you can still do it the royal way – it is a unique and privileged experience with pomp and show, red carpets and bands, being indulged and feted, and pampered by khidmatgars – your personal attendants – always at your beck and call. Enjoy the panorama of the Indian landscape and exotic stops to see the sights at leisure, private shopping tours or a spot of golf, maybe a spa at a hotel, only to return to the comfort and luxury of your train.

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The original luxury heritage train. Rulers of princely states of Rajputana and Gujarat, the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Viceroy of British India travelled by these luxurious coaches. The 8-day journey through Rajasthan, Bharatpur and Agra includes stopping at quaint stations, seeing the sights at leisure – forts, palaces and the Taj Mahal, a jungle safari, camel rides on sand dunes, a bird sanctuary and on board, a life of high teas, champagne breakfasts and India evenings.


'Flawless opulence' describes one the most expensive and luxurious trains in the world that has redefined train travel since 2010. Inspired by the royal salons of the past, the train blends contemporary amenities and 5-star living with the elegance and nostalgia of quaintly exquisite interiors of a bygone era.
The Maharajas' Express offers 7 fascinating journeys that include Rajasthan, destinations in the Deccan and the glory of South India.


The 'Blue Limousine on Rolling Wheels' has 21 luxuriously appointed coaches inspired by the imperial carriages and different royal eras of Maharashtra ruled by diverse dynasties. The six itineraries on offer cover important destinations, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, palaces and royal residences, temples, excellent vineyards, beautiful beaches, wildlife parks and the charming backwaters. Onboard dining and entertainment is of the highest quality.