The Land Of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan, officially known as DrukYul in the lap of Eastern Himalayas is truly a travelers’ paradise for its quiet natural splendour, beautiful landscapes, stunning snow-capped mountains, magnificent monasteries and fortresses, splendid temples and stupas, tranquil scenic countryside, green meadows with blossoming flowers and grazing yaks, and more of all the hospitable people. One of the most happiest country of the world it is widely depicted as a modern day Shangri-La because of its almost crime free status .

Be surprised by its carefully preserved culture and the traditional lifestyle which is still richly intact in spite of all strands of modern day secular life. Travel the capital city Thimpu, meet Buddhist monks in majestic monasteries, trek amidst its twisting hilly slopes to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, situated 3,000 feet above the valley floor, or just roam around the valley thronged by traditionally dressed beautiful people. Also not to miss the religious mask dances or the folk dances, depicting a rich cultural heritage of this tranquil land.