Breakfast at the world’s highest-altitude restaurant at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. First you will travel by helicopter from Kathmandu to South Base Camp, where you will explore the surroundings for 15-minutes. (That’s all an un-acclimated traveler can usually bear at 18,000 feet.) Then you will fly to the adjacent peak of Kongde Riback by the chopper where Yeti Mountain Home, at 13,000 feet the world’s highest-altitude luxury lodge, sets out tables for a private Champagne Breakfast with Everest in backdrop.

We have to keep in mind your health: Even though you’re not spending much time at altitude, those with heart or lung conditions can struggle with the elevation. It’s best to start early from Kathmandu hotel to the airport, where an AS350 helicopter will pick you up early in the morning depending upon weather condition. From there, it takes 45 minutes to fly around Everest and land at Kongde Ri, not including the optional stop at South Base Camp.

Highest Meal of Your Life will be a white-tablecloth meal of eggs with bacon and sausages, croissants, and jam made from Nepalese fruits, plus plenty of Moët & Chandon Champagne, all served by a talented team of Sherpas. You will never forget the views which you will get with your food.